Boulder Canyon Rock Climbs

Location Colorado

Season ?

Difficulty Varies

Duration 1 Day


Located at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Boulder offers world-class climbing. There are thousands of routes to climb, and sunny Colorado allows us to climb almost any time of the year. Jackson Hole Mountain Guides is proud to operate in the Boulder region. Come climb with us!

JHMG has over 40 years of experience guiding and instructing in all aspects of rock climbing, and we are an AMGA-accredited guide company. We offer courses ranging from introductory to advanced, and we have several private guiding options. We can help you design a special program for your group or club, and we offer climbing for children as young as five years old.

The Boulder area is one of the best for introducing people to the sport of climbing. The sheer amount of climbing keeps nearly every climber happy with progressively more challenging and more diverse climbs. If you are already familiar with the area, consider climbing with us to get off the beaten path or climb your dream route.

Just west of downtown, climbers have scenic roadside granite in Boulder Canyon.

Boulder Canyon has everything from featured face and crack climbing, to classic multi-pitch climbs. Part of the appeal is that this amazing granite sits just minutes from bustling and colorful downtown Boulder. The range of difficulty of the routes can please a beginner and challenge a seasoned climbing veteran.

Why climb with JHMG?

Climbing with our guides gives you access to contemporary industry knowledge and experience. We can help you realize goals with reduced stress. We are focused on our guests’ safety as well as enhancing the climbing experience. Climbing with us is an investment in your own climbing – whether it’s understanding technical aspects of the sport, moving fluidly as part of a competent team, getting coaching in tactics and movement technique, or just pushing yourself past your perceived limits.

As an AMGA-accredited company with over 40 years of experience, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides is a credible, steadfast resource in the guiding industry. JHMG is excited to operate in Eldorado Canyon State Park and Boulder Open Spaces and Mountain Parks. Whether your ambitions include a moderate climb up a Flatiron east face or a long route you’ve always wanted to do in Eldo, JHMG can take you there.

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Climbs vary from roadside sport and trad climbs in Boulder Canyon to long, secluded slab climbs on the Flatirons, to difficult and complex routes in Eldorado Canyon. Many climbers call Boulder home because there is such an array of climbing styles to be had. In addition, the parks surrounding Boulder contain well over 100 miles of trail. Jackson Hole Mountain Guides can help you in experiencing the best climbs, the unique adventures, and the hidden gems.

JHMG wants to lead you on one of the thousands of climbs in the Boulder region. Whether you have a specific route in mind, or are looking for a recommendation, our guides have the knowledge and expertise to make your climbing day a memorable experience. In addition to the climbs and hikes below, we have a full selection of Climbing Classes. If you don’t see exactly what you need, call us; we are happy to help design a trip that works for you.



Level I Guided Climbs are a series of short routes, a medium length multi-pitch climb, or some similar combination that can be completed in eight hours or less. Routes are chosen based on your ability and goals. Prior climbing experience or prerequisite instruction is required.
Climbers preparing for a Grand Teton Climb may use our Level I Guided Rock Climbing to satisfy the Intermediate Climbing Class prerequisite.

For climbers seeking more advanced routes with significant technical approaches and complex descents, or just a longer day of multi-pitch climbing, we offer Level II Guided Rock Climbs. Many climbs on Redgarden Wall fall under this designation, as well as other select climbs in the Boulder region. Previous multi-pitch climbing with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides and/or significant previous multi-pitch climbing experience is prerequisite.

For climbers with limited time, we offer guided rock climbing in a shorter day, roughly 4 to 5 hours. Please call us to discuss appropriate route selections based on your experience and ambitions.

Weekday Climbs
Dawn Patrol:
Want to avoid the crowds, climb outdoors mid-week, and still make the most of your workday? Join a JHMG early morning climb of an Eldo or Flatiron classic. Experience the start of the day from high over Boulder. Please contact us for more details. 

After Work Ascent: Cut out of work a little early and join us on a late afternoon ascent in Eldo or the Flatirons. It’s a great finish to the day to witness the sun setting behind the Indian Peaks from the summit of the 1st Flatiron. Please contact us for more details.

Level I: $300 private; $205/person for two
Level II: $330 private; $225/person for two
Half-Day: $195 private; $130/person for two

Please call for pricing for 3 or more.

Conditions can be favorable for climbing at nearly any point during the year, but for most objectives, better climbing conditions occur in spring, summer, and autumn. Spring has a higher likelihood of precipitation. Summer afternoon temperatures can climb into the 90’s and isolated afternoon thunderstorms are common. In the autumn, climbers tend to find the most reliable conditions. Winter has many spells of great climbing weather, but it is difficult to plan in advance, as the Front Range can also receive full Rocky Mountain snowstorms and cold fronts. Because cliffs are dramatically affected by sun and wind exposure (or lack thereof), please refer to your JHMG guide for route or area recommendations. Suggestions are to provide our guests with the most enjoyable experience.

During summer months, even if the day dawns clear, all climbers should pack a rain jacket for the occasional surprise afternoon thundershower. Synthetic clothing is strongly advised at many times of the year, and is almost always preferable to  cotton. Comfort levels can vary quite a bit depending on where you are climbing within a given climbing area, so please ask us for our clothing recommendations based on your planned climb/class and if you are unfamiliar with the area. It is common for us to suggest an early start to avoid afternoon thunderstorms.

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Here you’ll find online tools and information about joining us for a trip of a lifetime! To sign up for a trip, or if you have any questions, please call us. Listed on the left side of these pages are links that you may find useful, including printable forms and policies concerning a trip with JHMG. We encourage ALL prospective climbers to read our Preparation advice. Our office can help place you with others who are looking to climb.

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