Moab Climbing Equipment List

On approach to towers & crags we recommend a climbing “approach” type shoe for sure footedness and to protect feet from sharp rocks and spiny plants. Quick dry /durable shorts and shirts are recommended for clothing while on the trail. You will need a 35 to 40 L backpack that is adequate for carrying water, snacks, personal climbing gear, rock shoes and extra clothes for the weather conditions. In addition to the personal gear mentioned above your approach pack should adequately carry a 60-meter rope . While climbing it is best to wear loose fitting clothing that is durable and does not restrict movement. If the weather is dry and clear, jeans that are loose fitting or have stretch nylon in them are a great choice. A long sleeve cotton or synthetic t-shirt is a key piece of clothing. You will want to wear long sleeves as protection for your arms in wide cracks and chimneys. A small compressible light weight wind shirt is recommended for its size and ability to block cold desert wind while up on the climbs. While up on a tower climb you will want a small pack (fifteen to 20 Liters) that can carry water, wind jacket and snacks. For carrying water on the climb it is recommended to use a smaller one liter collapsible water bottle that will fit in your summit pack. If you carry a hydration pack with hose on your approach to the towers, you will want to leave it at the base of the route and carry a scaled down amount of water for the climb. The use of large volume packs while climbing is discouraged, they are cumbersome and hard to maneuver in off-widths and chimneys.

For climbing routes in Indian Creek and Classic Cracks around Moab, you will not need a small pack while climbing.

For technical climbing shoes, you will want to climb in a shoe that fits on the comfortable end of the scale. An aggressive fitting climbing shoe is not recommended.

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  • 35- 40 Liter Back Pack—Guide Pick: Mountain Hardwear Hueco 35 and Splitter 40
  • Tower Summit Pack—15 to 20 Liter
  • Approach Shoe – Guide Pick: Salewa Wildfire or Firetail
  • Technical Rock Shoe: comfortable fit.
  • Synthetic Short or Pant for Hiking – Guide Pick: Mountain Hardwear Convertible Pants
  • Long Sleeve and/or Short Sleeve Wicking T-shirt- Guide Pick: Mountain Hardwear Wicked Lite T
  • Long Sleeve Cotton T-shirt
  • Cotton/blend Jeans – comfortable fitting for flexible movement
  • 2 to 3 Liters of Water
  • For Summit Pack: small collapsible water bottle
  • For Approach Pack: hydration pack 2 liters
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Roll of 2 inch Cotton Athletic Tape
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • 3 Locking Carabineers
  • Belay/Rappel Device
  • Personal Attachment System
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