Winter Expedition Training

Season Winter

Difficulty Intermediate

Duration 4 Days


There is no better way to train than to just go out and do it. This expedition prep course located in the snow covered Tetons creates a perfect environment to refine skills for larger expeditions. Anyone who plans to join an expedition, an extended winter camping trip, or just wants to see the potential, would benefit from this course.

Exploring the Grand Teton National Park for 2 days and 1 night will demand careful terrain and risk assessment. The course will focus on mountaineering skills including crampon and ice axe use, raising systems, fixed line ascension, crevasse rescue, roped glacier travel, glacier camping concerns, and winter camping. Participants should expect 2 long days learning, practicing, and working. Prerequisites for this course are good fitness, good self-management in cold temperatures, and experience moving over snow with touring skis, snow shoes, or split board.

The course offers new and refined skills and will set participants up to continue practicing safe mountain travel and rescue. Jackson Hole Mountains Guides can rent or provide most the gear necessary for this course. Although individuals will have to have their own warm winter gear.

Season Winter

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Day One:

  • Meet at Guides office early like 6am. Gear check. Head to GTNP, Jackson Lake.
  • Avalanche terrain discussion, beacon training, avalanche hazard assessment
  • Cross lake roped like glacier and establish camp as if on a glacier and discuss concerns
  • Set camp – winter camping and personal management


Day Two:

  • Skills – ice axe and crampons, anchors, crevasse rescue including site safety, raise systems, fixed line ascension
  • Navigation skills – make plan for following days tour

Day Three:

  • Move camp up canyon and ski
  • Continue assessment on terrain, avalanche hazard, weather, group

Day Four:

  • Morning ski tour
  • Return to car

Price: $2000 FOR A private 1:1/ $1000 Per person for a group of 2 2:1

Grand Teton National Park is located roughly 30 minutes from our Jackson, WY headquarters. Our Jackson office is located in the south part of Jackson at 1325 S. Highway 89, Suite 104 and shares a parking area with Smith’s. Our phone number is (800) 239-7642 or (307) 733-4979. Most trips and classes will meet at this office for gear checks, preparation, and classes. The Jackson Hole airport is the closest, but Idaho Falls (a 2 – 2.5 hour drive) is a cheaper option and Salt Lake City (4 – 5 hour drive) are also air travel options. It is helpful to arrive a couple of days prior to your trip/class in order to acclimatize. Otherwise, you should arrive the day before and stop by our office for an equipment check. Do not plan on traveling the day after a significant climb – you will be tired and there are no guaranteed times when we will return to the trailhead. Plan on having accommodations for the night prior to and the night you return from a significant climb. There are a plethora of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts in Jackson and the surrounding area. Accommodations near our office make your transitions convenient. It is highly advisable to make reservations as early as possible. Lodging recommendations and many more details can be found in the downloadable document below.



Sitting on the eastern edge of the Great Basin, the north-south-trending Tetons rise dramatically from the floor of Jackson Hole without any foothills along an active fault-block mountain front system. Because it forms one of the first tall barriers to moisture sweeping eastward from the Pacific Ocean, much of the range’s precipitation falls as snow during winter and spring, but summers and fall are generally dry and pleasant, with the always-present possibility of thunderstorms.

The local climate is semi-arid with a yearly extreme high of 93 °F and extreme low of -46 °F. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Grand Teton National Park was -63 °F, and snow often blankets the landscape from early November to late April. Jackson Hole has long, cold winters. The first heavy snows fall by the beginning of November and continue through March. Snow and frost are possible during any month. By May and June, mild days and cool nights alternate with rain and occasional snow. Valley trails are snow covered until late May. Warm days and cool nights prevail during July and August, with afternoon thundershowers common. In autumn, sunny days and cold nights alternate with rain and occasional snow storms.



  • Bottom Synthetic or Wool Long Underwear Bottoms Guide Pick: Mountain Hardwear Butterman Tight
  • Shell Pant: full side zips and built-in gaiters Guide Pick: Mountain Hardwear Highball Pants
  • Socks:  Synthetic or wool. Sized for your boots and blister protection. Liners recommended.




  • Boots: Alpine Touring, Telemark, or Snowboarding Boots
  • Skis or Splitboard with compatible binding for boots
  • Climbing Skins (fit to skis)
  • Ski Poles
  • Helmet
  • Ice Ax
  • Crampons (ski boot compatible)
  • Ski Crampons
  • Harness
  • Boots: Alpine Touring, Telemark, or Snowboarding Boots

SNOW SAFETY EQUIPMENT (REQUIRED and available for rent at JHMG)




  • It was an amazing trip, with professional, fun & hilarious guides (Aimee, Steve, Erica & Lisa)!  The experience was one that I will remember for a lifetime, and the skills I learned will be utilized on many upcoming adventures! Thanks JHMG, for a wonderful adventure!

    — Kathi O'Neill

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