Joshua Janes

Location Red Rocks, NV

Role Guide

Years Guiding 9

About Joshua Janes

Josh has been climbing for 15 years and his career has taken him to nearly every major climbing destination in the United States – from alpine faces to desert towers – and several abroad. He regularly climbs at the 5.13 level but loves a good mountain scramble or moderate classic equally. His highlights have included redpoints of the Moonlight Buttress (V 5.12d) in Zion, the Venturi Effect (V 5.12+) in the High Sierras, the Romantic Warrior (V 5.12b) in the Needles, and Rainbow Country (V 5.12d) in Red Rocks, as well as free ascents of over 50 desert towers.
Josh joined JHMG in 2010 and enjoys helping beginning climbers gracefully and safely navigate the steep learning curves of climbing as well as seeing advanced clients achieve their dream objectives. When not on the rock, he enjoys spending time with his partner, Kate, and their crag dog-in-training, Tully.


  • - Wilderness First Aid
  • - CPR


  • My guide Josh Janes was fit, fun and ‘Down to Climb’. His local guide knowledge made my experience an awesome success! Hire Josh, come prepared and you’ll have a experience to remember!

    — Taylor Samuels
  • On this trip, I went with my daughter and son-in-law…and my granddaughter (3 months old). I asked Mark Limage and Josh Janes if they could arrange two days of climbing that would allow us to take the baby. They didn’t blink an eye. They arranged two days of excellent climbing. We were challenged but always close to the ground. Josh guided us and was completely relaxed with the baby around. I’m certain this was an unusual request but they didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to engineer a spectacular trip. Mark Limage has been accommodating my family’s high maintenance requirements for years. When we come, we bring experienced climbers and novices. At times, the number of climbers changes each day (requiring variable scheduling of guides). Mark has pulled off this scheduling every time without fail. Josh has been our guide each of the past few years. He is skilled and excellent with each of my family members, regardless of skill level. The two of them are outstanding.

    — Steve Megison
  • We love JHMG – we have climbed with them twice already. We could not have done this without our wonderful guides who helped us with the reservations and logistics. On both occasions, we had a unique, both challenging and fun experience. More importantly, it was very safe. So worth it!

    — Iryna Hlushakova
  • JHMG is awesome.  Their guides are knowledgeable and professional that make your climbing experience memorable and safe.

    — Pablo Lima
  • I was out on Las Vegas and wanted to do a multi-pitch climb that was just outside of my leading abilities, one where I could second the whole route. Once the route was select, I meet my guide at the climbing shop and we headed out. The  selected climb was perfect, just outside my abilities as I wanted, but not too difficult to shut me down. During the whole time the JHMG Guide was polite, encouraging, and made me feel safe the whole time. This climb was memorable and I can’t wait to return next fall and lead it myself. I really liked how I was treated more as a climber than just a business arrangement. The guide seemed to really enjoy being outside and climbing with me.

    — John Farrell
  • My buddy and I were looking to go tall in Red Rock and Josh put us on a great route. We climbed Dark Shadows, a 1,200 foot climb. Not only was the route a lot of fun, Josh was great! Technically, he was a great climber. Safety was his number one concern, constantly checking and re-checking systems at each belay station. He also provided us with some great tips on communication on multi-pitch routes, effectively building anchors and rappelling for us to use on future climbing trips. I have climbed with JHMG many times and will continue to use them!

    — Marc Landau
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