We at JHMG enjoy our clients’ diversity and energy. Everyone on a climb has something to contribute, each bringing a unique blend of skills and backgrounds that enhance the experience of the entire group.

We look forward to welcoming back past clients for another adventure, and appreciate getting to know new faces each year.

Everyone at JHMG was fantastic! From Patrick & Jason in the office to our excellent guide, everyone was very friendly, professional and accommodating.

— Todd Bublitz

Excellent climb with top-notch guides. Safety was the number one consideration. Our group of four all summitted, two had no climbing experience. Highly recommend!

— Frank

From the start, the guides have your safety at the forefront. Additionally, they are reading you, paying attention to you, the weather, other factors and doing their best to get you safely to the top. They went as far as to tell us where to place every step, to help us with efficiency as we moved up and down the mountain. Top notch guiding all the way.

— Brian Kahn

I used JHMG for a 4 day Grand Teton climb and summit back in 2008. I had such a wonderful experience, that when my son decided he wanted to climb the Grand with me in 2015, there was only one Guide service I would even consider: Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. We made a successful summit of the Grand and those 4 days on the mountain are without question, the best Father-Son experience of our lives. We will never forget that amazing experience for the rest of our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

— Brian Childs

Great trip with great guides and an overall amazing experience.

— Milo Lewon

Great trip. Nate Opp was great to work with. I always felt safe, given the environment. He was very attentive and supportive. All the guides we met were great. Highly recommend JHMG!!! Good camp setup.

— Bruce Murphy

Great, safe, and affordable. They make the class work for you. I had never climbed outdoors before, but I felt safe and in good hands the whole time. Great company.

— Anonymous

Guide Tracy Martin was fantastic. Knowledge of the routes and ability to quickly move through terrain from one climb to another was great. We got in more routes than I expected. Well worth the price to get a guide like her.

— Mike Belu

Having never rock climbed before, we were not sure what to expect. From start to finish, the experience was wonderful. JHMG was easy to deal with when booking and their emphasis on safety and professional instruction made for a great experience.

— Paul F

I can’t tell you what a great time we had climbing with you. It was good to get to know JHMG too. I was impressed with its professionalism, focus on safety, and the personal attention that my son Luke and I received from the staff. It’s hard to imagine how you guys can maintain that level of intensity and professionalism all summer long.

— Craig George

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